Career Development and Employment

Are you not sure of what you can do with your degree after you graduate? Not sure you’re in the right degree? Looking for extra income while you’re in school? Maybe you know exactly what you want and just need a map and the materials to get you there. We’re here to help. At the Career Development and Employment Centre, we offer you:

  • Career advising, guided exploration and assessments to help you explore the best career options for you
  • Advice on how you can build the career competencies employers are seeking in today’s workforce
  • Assistance and guidance as you become career-ready so you can make a successful transition into the workplace
  • Resume and Cover Letter creation
  • Job search Strategy development
  • LinkedIn profile design assistance and feedback
  • Personalized Interview coaching
  • Connection to on and off-campus employment opportunities

Make the most of your degree; make an appointment today!

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Career Development and Employment Centre

DirectorAnita Connolly
Student Employment Program OfficerHilary Marks
Career and Employment AdvisorCathy Clowater
Career and Employment AdvisorNat Perry
Indigenous Career and Employment AdvisorMeaghan McIntyre

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