Welcome Back

The Student Accessibility Centre welcomes you to Winter 2021 semester. Please know that the Centre is still providing regular services: follow-up appointments, Learning Strategy and Assistive Technology appointments, funding application support, and advocacy where needed. Please feel free to contact the office for any questions or concerns. 

We shared many important updates during our virtual Welcome Back sessions. If you were unable to attend, please review the following information carefully


  • These additions to our programming were in direct response to the feedback we received after the Winter 2020.
  • The Centre takes all feedback seriously and works hard to support your needs.
  • Services/Programming Provided during F2020:
    • Drop-In Hours
    • Testing Accommodation Request form
    • Learning Strategy Sessions
      • Learning How to Learn Online
      • Study Strategies
    • Assistive Technology Session 
      • Creating an At-Home Workspace
    • Click here to view recorded student sessions


  • Students shared a variety of positives and negatives for both their testing and course experiences
  • Positives included:
    • Flexibility or understanding around needs
    • Having instructor support and being able to connect
    • Not having final exams
    • More frequent but lower weight assignment
    • Universal design to learning and accommodations provided to all students
  • Negatives included:
    • Confusing course design or syllabi
    • Assessment times too short or additional steps required to submit tests/exams
    • No connection with course instruction and the need to self-learn material
    • Lack of feedback on completed work or no review periods
    • Heavier than usual course load


  • The concerns presented from the F2020 survey are very serious and we want to acknowledge that we understand the impact they have on students
  • There are several different offices on campus that help support issues that fall outside the services that the SAC offers
  • When this is the case, we always refer students to those resources or consult directly with our colleagues and senior leadership for guidance



  • The Privacy Office and Human Rights Office have provided guidance for appearing on camera or on microphone during ADM
  • Students are not required to appear on camera or microphone for any aspect of ADM (lecture, tutorials, and tests)
  • Students do not have to give a reason for their decision
  • Students cannot be forced to comply or receive academic penalty
  • Please reach out to the SAC immediately for any privacy concerns



  • Send out your letters as soon as possible! Do not wait until the last minute! Course instructors require your letter to put accommodations into place!
    • LAW STUDENTS: Contact the Associate Dean and/or Linda Moore regarding your accommodation needs
  • Your letter is valid for the entire academic year (2020-2021), you can forward the one issued to you in F2020
    • Please reach out to the office if you have misplaced your letter and need a new copy
  • Be sure to copy your Accessibility Advisor or the Centre into the email
  • Disclosure of diagnosis or specific disability is NEVER REQUIRED
  • If you have any questions or concerns about this process, contact your Accessibility Advisor.



  • Purpose is to help offset the stress of checking in with course instructors regarding testing accommodation
  • For more information please click to the Testing Accommodation Reminder Form
    • There is a hot button for the form located on our Homepage



  • Only students with face-to-face courses happening on-campus will have the option to write at the Centre
  • Contact the Exam Coordinator via email for any F2F in-class tests
  • Students must give at least 5 business days in advance; otherwise the Centre cannot provide accommodation due to Health and Safety regulations
  • The Centre is working remotely and the office is closed - no staff will be on campus


  • Examples: the time is incorrect, technical issues, unable to upload documents, etc.
  • Be sure to check your provided times ahead of the test if possible
  • Use your discretion on how you wish to proceed
  • Email the instructor and the Centre immediately and following further instruction


  • Drop-In Hours - Advisory and Assistive Technology (click to view calendar)
  • Learning Strategy Session: Motivation & Procrastination (click to view recording)
  • Learning Strategy Videos:
    • Learning to Learn Online
    • Time Management & Prioritizing Tasks
    • Study Strategies
  • Get Stuff Done Group
  • Assistive Technology Video Series: Accessing E-Texts
  • Virtual Peer Support Group (details coming in March)
  • There is a new student-led peer support group for Autistics
    • Meetings: Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month
    • 7 - 8pm Atlantic Time
    • Contact Autism Peer Support for more information