End of Term Reminders (W2021)

With the end of the semester upon us, we would like to review some important information with you. Be sure to read each section carefully! Please note that the Centre continues to provide service remotely and our physical office is closed. Contact the Centre for any questions or concerns you might have.

Important Deadlines

Thursday, April 15thLast day to withdraw from Winter Term courses (and full-year courses) without academic penalty. A grade of "W" (withdrawn) will be shown on the academic record.

Tuesday, May 4thAfter receiving your final grade, you may choose to keep the letter grade or request a CR/NCR for any of your winter term courses. You must notify the Registrar’s Office. More information here.

ADM Final Exam Accommodations

  • Ensure you have shared a copy of your accommodation letter with your instructors. Do not wait until just before your exams.
  • Check in with your course instructors to confirm your class is scheduled to write a final exam during the final exam period (some course may have final exams listed but are providing take-home tests or final assignments in lieu of an exam).
  • If you have final exam accommodation needs/concerns beyond extra time, please reach out to the Centre immediately to discuss.
  • The course instructor is responsible for making amendments to online final exam times and providing any other testing accommodations.
  • Check your exam times for accommodation before you begin your final (if available on your testing platform). If there is any doubt, please contact your instructor; or
  • Please feel free to use our Testing Accommodation Reminder form. Details are provided in the link and there is a hot button to the form on our homepage.
  • LAW STUDENTS: Please check in with the Associate Dean and/or Linda Moore regarding your accommodations and do not use the form above.

Face-to-Face Final Exam Accommodations

  • Only students with face-to-face courses taking place on campus will have the option to write final exams at the Centre.
  • If this applies to you, you must contact the Centre (unbsac@unb.ca) for any face-to-face final exams you may have on campus.
  • Students must give at least 5 business days in advance otherwise the Centre cannot provide accommodation due to the requirements of our Operational Plan and the UNB Health & Safety regulations.

 If you have any questions or concerns about your final exams you must contact your Accessibility Advisor or the Centre as soon as possible!

Final Exam Deferrals

  • If you cannot complete your final exams as scheduled due to serious health or personal circumstances, you can request an Alternate Final Exam (exam deferral).
  • You must be able to submit a letter/note from a healthcare professional supporting your request within two weeks of the exam date/deadline.
  • If approved, you will have 60 days from the last day of class (April 15th) to complete/submit your final.


  • We have a variety of recorded student sessions for Learning Strategies and Assistive Technology that might be helpful to you. Be sure to login with your UNB credentials to access the videos.
  • The Learning Strategist, Janice, can support study prep and test-taking strategies. Email her directly to set up an appointment.
  • The Assistive Technologist, Kailha, can help optimize your devices for long periods of study or exams and can suggest study apps. Email her directly to set up an appointment.
  • Get Stuff Done (GSD) Group is still happening every Tuesday from 2 - 3pm via Teams until the end of the exam period. Join the meeting to study among peers.
  • End of Term Survival Guide Session hosted by the Mental Health Strategist and Learning Strategist happening on Friday, April 16th from 1 – 2pm AT. More details to come including the Teams link.