End of Term and Exam Reminders

 As we wind down the Fall 2020 semester, we would like to share some important information with you. Please read through each section carefully. The Centre continues to provide service remotely. Please know that you can reach out to the Centre or your Accessibility Advisor for any questions or concerns you may have regarding your accessibility needs. We are always happy to assist you.

 There is now a hot button on our homepage that will take you to the Updates for Registered Students section of our website where important updates and reminders will be posted in case you lose track of them through email.

Important Deadlines

  • If you are struggling with courses due to serious health or personal circumstances, you can petition for a late withdrawal through the Student Advocate Office.
    • This process, including all required documentation, must be completed by the last day of classes: Thursday, December 10th.
    • If you feel you need to drop a course, please contact you Academic Advisor immediately for more support.
    • Please contact your provincial student loan office for more information on the impact of dropping courses on your loan eligibility.

Upcoming Support Sessions

  • Study Strategies with Your Brain and Wellness in Mind
    • Monday, December 7th at 4pm AT
    • Provided by the Learning Strategist during the UNBSU’s Wellness Week
    • Use this link to join the session
    • Passcode is: Study
  • Get Sh*t Done (GSD)
    • Friday, December 11th – Friday, December 18th from 1:00pm - 2:00pm AT each day
    • Hosted by the Learning Strategist and the Mental Health Strategist
    • This is a space for students to meet and get support while “getting stuff done”
    • More information including session links will be posted through your myUNB News

Final Exam Accommodation Information

  • Please ensure your course instructors have received a copy of your accommodation letter.
  • The course instructor is responsible for making amendments to online final exam times and providing any other testing accommodations - the Centre does not have control over this in any way.
  • Make sure you check the exam times for accommodation before you begin your final (if available on your testing platform). If there is any doubt, please check-in with your instructor; or
  • Please feel free to use our Testing Accommodation Reminder form. Details are provided in the link and there is a hot button to the form on our homepage.
  • LAW STUDENTS: Please check in with the Associate Dean and/or Linda Moore regarding your accommodations and do not use the form above.
  • If you are have any questions or concerns about your final exams you must contact your Accessibility Advisor or the office email as soon as possible!

Final Exam Accommodation for Face-to-Face Students

  • Only students with face-to-face courses taking place on campus will have the option to write final exams at the Centre.
  • If this applies to you, you must contact the Test/Exam Coordinator, Pam Underhill, at our office email for any face-to-face final exams you may have on campus.
  • Students must give at least 5 business days in advance otherwise the Centre cannot provide accommodation due to the requirements of our Operational Plan and the UNB Health & Safety regulations.

Final Exam Deferrals

  • If you cannot complete your final exams as scheduled due to serious health or personal circumstances, you can request an Alternate Final Exam (exam deferral).
    • You must be able to submit a letter/note from a healthcare professional supporting your request within two weeks of the exam date/deadline.
    • If approved, you will have 60 days from the last day of class (December 10th) to complete/submit your final.

Learning Strategist (Janice Gange)

  • Students can request an appointment at any time with the Learning Strategist (LS) by emailing her directly.
  • The LS provides: support with procrastination, test-taking strategies, studying prep, balancing your life/work calendar, building a schedule, effective note-taking, how to work through material independently, and to break down large assignments into easy-to-manage tasks.

Assistive Technologist (Kailha Winter-Smith)

  • Students can request an appointment at any time with the Assistive Technologist (AT) by emailing her directly.
  • The AT provides: intakes to review technologies that may assist your learning, note-taking solutions, review of built-in accessibility features for devices, information on e-reader and dictation software, help with OneNote, and support for ergonomic setups.


If you are ever in doubt, please reach out.

The sooner we know about an issue, the sooner we can help resolve it!