Student Toolkit for Academic Advising

The Student Toolkit for Academic Advising is a clearinghouse of access to student services and resources. It is fairly comprehensive and intended to show students what supports are available to them. The Student Toolkit for Academic Advising describes the various supports and then links to relevant websites and resources. It is found on D2L/Brightspace ( and accessible at

As we work toward an automated solution for enrolling students, they will first need to register for the Student Toolkit manually using these instructions (PDF Info Sheet):

  1. Login with your UNB credentials at
  2. Find and click Student Toolkit for Academic Advising under “Free Courses” at the bottom of the first screen.
  3. Now, under “Course Offering Name”, click Student Toolkit for Academic Advising again.
  4. Now click Register on the new page.
  5. Click Submit, then Finish.
  6. Now click “Go to course offering….” You’re there!

After registering using these steps, the Toolkit is accessible directly via

Students requested this kind of tool and participated in its development. Students continue to play an important role in the of the Student Toolkit’s ongoing development.


  • Centralize access to information students need.
  • Help students learn about the vast landscape of services and resources.
  • Help students access relevant and necessary supports as needed.

Student Support Directory

Another way to kind information about student services and resources is through the Student Support Directory (printable) and Services for Students Guide (web-only).

Also remember to Keep Calm and see your Academic Advisor when you encounter academic difficulties and/or have questions about your academic program and university life in general.