Policies & Regulations Relevant to Advising

The policies and regulations listed and described here are the most relevant for advising purposes. You should take the time to familiarize yourself with these regulations by following the links below.

There is no substitute for reading and familiarizing yourself with these regulations and policies. It is your responsibility to learn these rules and follow them accordingly.

Please also note, that this is not a definitive list of rules that apply to student conduct. Please review UNB’s Undergraduate Calendar for the full set of rules that govern our university.

Academic Regulations

Academic Regulations (University Wide) include regulations, procedures, and expectations on

  • Classroom attendance and student decorum;
  • Adding, dropping, or repeating courses;
  • Rights to Appeal & Grade review;
  • Official, Voluntary Withdrawal from UNB.

Questions about any of these regulations should be addressed by the University Secretariat.

Personal Information – Privacy & Confidentiality

The security of your personal information & records is taken very seriously at UNB. Two policies govern what constitutes confidential information, and how that information is collected, used and released:

Questions or concerns about privacy & confidentiality can be referred to the University Secretariat, or to our campus Privacy Officer.


Guidelines for Academic Appeals & Grade Review have been developed by the Student Advocate (Student Services), but be sure to consult with your Academic Advisor before taking any action.

Student Conduct

The Student Disciplinary Code sets the standards for appropriate student behaviour and outlines disciplinary actions, but there are also General Regulations on Student Non-Academic Conduct that applies to each student.

In addition to these are the Hazing Policy, Alcohol Policy and regulations for living in residence.