Calculation of Grade Point Average (GPA)

A student is assessed once per year – at the end of winter semester – their “assessment year grade point average”.

This is based on courses taken since the last assessment.

This assessment for 2020-21 would encompass courses taken in:

  • Summer 2020
  • Fall 2020
  • Winter 2021

A student is NOT assessed if they did not complete at least 24 credit hours in an academic year. In those cases, the courses in question are carried forward to the next assessment year.

Grade point averages are calculated by dividing the total number of grade points obtained (credit hours x grade point weight) by the number of credit hours attempted during the period in question in the program. Grade point averages are shown to one decimal place. The University calculates two grade point averages which form part of the student's official record: the Assessment Grade Point Average; and the Cumulative Grade Point Average.

Assessment GPA: For all students, the assessment GPA is calculated at the end of the assessment period, May - April, provided that 24 credit hours or more have been attempted in the program since the last assessment in that program. All work attempted toward the current program of study (including the no degree program) is included in the assessment with the exception of courses designated with the "W", "#" or "X" notation.

Cumulative GPA: Is based on all work taken toward a degree program. The cumulative grade point average is used to determine the student's divisional standing at graduation.

This assessment is based on letter grades, using a 4.3 GPA system. The conversion formula is as follows:

Letter Grade Numerical Grade
A+ 4.3
A 4
A- 3.7
B+ 3.3
B 3
B- 2.7
C+ 2.3
C 2
D 1
F 0

There are certain courses where the grade is not in the range from A+ to F. They are instead designated by either CR (credit) or NCR (no credit) These courses are not used in calculating grade point averages. However, they are used to determine whether or not a student has the required number of credit hours for an assessment in their program. Whether a student receives a CR or an NCR for such a course, the credit hours for courses graded in this manner are used to determine assessment eligibility.

Assessment GPA can be as high as 4.3 or as low as 0.0.

  • If a student’s Assessment GPA is 2.0 or higher, the student is “in good academic standing”
  • If a student’s Assessment GPA is less than 2.0 but higher than 1.0, they are placed on “academic probation”.
  • If a student’s Assessment GPA is 1.0 or below, their academic status is “required to withdraw”

If a student is on academic probation at any point in their program, and their Assessment GPA for any given academic year falls below 2.0, their academic status is “required to withdraw”

GPA  is the total number of grade points achieved (credit hours x grade point weight) divided by the number of credit hours.

A student would get, for example,

  • 9.2 points for a 4 credit hour course if they obtained a C+ (value 2.3 on the GPA scale) in a 4 credit hour course. 2.3 X 4 = 9.2
  • 3.7 points for a 1 credit hour course if they obtained an A- (value 3.7 on the GPA scale) in a 1 credit hour course.  3.7 X 1 = 3.7

For more details, please refer to the Registrar’s Office website: Undergraduate Calendar

If you have any questions, contact Wilfred Langmaid, Student Advocate.