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Kate Dang




  • ADM 2315


  • Undergraduate Student
  • Being a student has been the most valuable experience I've had. I am a hardworking student.
  • I have worked as a Teaching Assistant, so I can state that I understand the professor's perspective through group assignments and tests, and I can assist you in meeting the professor's expectations.
  • My major is Human Resources Management and I'm also taking a minor in Economics, concentration in Accounting and International Business.
  • I enjoy studying and assisting others in their academic interests. Self-study, in my opinion, is very effective, but it does not imply that you must handle everything on your own; without guidance, learning will be much more difficult. I will be overjoyed if I can assist you in achieving the results you desire in your studies.


  • Monday:  Afternoon, Evening
  • Tuesday:  Afternoon, Evening
  • Wednesday:  Evening
  • Thursday:  Afternoon, Evening
  • Friday:  Morning, Afternoon, Evening
  • Saturday:  Morning, Afternoon, Evening
  • Sunday:  Morning, Afternoon, Evening

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