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Liset Gutierrez




  • PSYCH 3323


  • Undergraduate Student
  • I am a 3rd year student in Psychology.
  • I am an open-mind person and a good listener.
  • I like to read various topics; for instance, I read books from psychology to comics.
  • Providing tutoring is a way to share my knowledge and thoughts with others.
  • I have the ability to work independently with students requiring assistance in Psychology.  Patience and good judgment essential.  Excellent interpersonal skills demonstrated as a tutor peer counsellor.


  • Monday:  Morning
  • Tuesday:  Afternoon
  • Wednesday:  Morning
  • Thursday:  Afternoon
  • Friday:  Morning 
  • Saturday:  Afternoon
  • Sunday:  Afternoon 

Please email Liset Gutierrez to arrange an appointment.

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