Stop Look Lock

Stop Look Lock graphic

The Stop Look Lock program was created by the UNB Security & Traffic Department. It was implemented as a crime prevetion initiative in the spring of 2003 in an attempt to combat theft and property damage in University Buildings caused by preventable acts.

If you would like more information on the stop look lock program please contact the security office at 453-4830.

Stickers with the distinct yellow logo are also available.


Before You Leave Your;

  • Work Area
  • Classroom
  • Office
  •  Lab


Check To See If You;

  • Closed & Locked Windows
  • Turned Off Burners Or Gas
  • Locked Cashbox Away
  • Turned Off Coffee Pot
  • Turned Off Space Heater


Did You Lock Your;

  • Classroom
  • Office
  • A/V Equipment
  • Lab