General Policy


The purpose of these Traffic and Parking Regulations is to promote the safety and well-being of persons using the University roadways and parking facilities. They are designed to permit the orderly and efficient flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic and use of parking facilities.

1. University lands are private property and the University has full jurisdiction to regulate vehicular and pedestrian traffic and vehicle parking thereon as approved by the Board of Governors.

2. The enforcement of these regulations is the responsibility of the University's Security and Traffic Department. The Security and Traffic Department has full authority to regulate the flow of traffic on University property, to stop motor vehicles for suspected violations of these regulations, to require the production of a driver's license, vehicle permit or proof of insurance in the course of enforcing these regulations, and to take all other reasonable and necessary measures to enforce these regulations. For the Moncton site only, authority is delegated to the Dean of Nursing to assign staff for the purposes of the issuance of violation notices related to parking or parking permit infrations only, selling of parking permits and the collection of fines for violation notices issued pursuant to these regulations in relation to the Moncton site.

3. The University has no legal or contractual obligation to provide parking accommodation and assumes no responsibility for any losses and/or damages in regard to a vehicle and/or its contents, nor for injuries to persons. Any such losses and/or damages or injuries to persons shall be reported to the Security and Traffic Department.

4. These regulations apply to all vehicles while on the Fredericton campus of the University of New Brunswick and are applicable 24 hours per day for all twelve months of the year. The sections of these regualtions related to permits and parking also apply to the Moncton site year round and are applicable 24 hours per day.

5. These regulations apply to the use, operation and parking of all types of vehicles and are in addition to any legislation of the Province of New Brunswick regulating the operation or use of such vehicles and/or regulating the crossing of or walking upon roadways by pedestrians.

6. Failure to comply with Provincial Motor Vehicle Legislation or these regulations while within the boundaries of the campus shall constitute a violation of these regulations.

7. The University reserves the right to prohibit access to or passage through University property to any person while operating a vehicle or to any vehicle and to deny parking privileges to any person or for any vehicle.

8. Vehicle registrants, and others found to be operating the vehicles of others, shall be responsible for all violations involving the operation of their vehicles.

9. All faculty, staff, students, and also any visitors to whom a parking permit may be issued, who operate vehicles on University property are responsible for making themselves aware of the parking and traffic regulations and for observing all parking and traffic control signs as posted and markings as indicated. All other visitors are responsible for observing all parking and traffic control signs as posted and markings as indicated.

10. UNB is a pedestrian-friendly campus. Crosswalks are established at various locations throughout campus. Pedestrians using these crosswalks have the "right-of-way" over vehicles for the purpose of crossing the roadway within the crosswalk.

11. University policy does not permit the plug-in of private car block heaters into any University electrical service connection. This includes off-campus residences owned by UNB.

12. Any vehicle which has been left stationary in one location on University property for a period of 14 days or more without prior approval of the Security and Traffic Department will be considered abandoned, and will be treated as such by the University.