Students’ Language Repertoires for Investigating MathematicsJoe, Paula and Dave

Dr. Joseph Dicks and Dr. Paula Kristmanson of L2RIC are the co-investigators, along with lead investigator Dr. David Wagner of the Faculty of Education, on a SSHRC-funded project to examine the role of language in the learning and doing of mathematics. Because everything we know and learn about mathematics is filtered through language, it is important for educators to understand the range of language resources students have for talking about mathematical concepts and processes. This large-scale, longitudinal study will follow seven cohorts of mathematics students, each year recording them working in groups on mathematics problems and subsequently interviewing the groups. The research will be conducted in French Immersion programs, and with English first language and additional language students in English-medium classes. Two additional important components of this research are the involvement of graduate students in the research collection and analysis phases and the implication of classroom teachers in the research. Research on the specificities of languages in relation to important mathematical ways of thinking is rare but promising for informing mathematics teaching practices.