M.Ed Program

Graduate Programs - Master of Education

It is also possible to specialize in second language education within the context of the Masters degree at UNB. Master of Education (MEd) students will register in the Curriculum Studies option and have the option of completing a report or thesis in the area of second language education. Specific courses when available and assignments within general courses such as Introduction to Research, Curriculum Development, and Program Evaluation should focus on some aspect of second language education.

Current Graduate Course Offerings:

Summer 2018

ED 6108 Inclusive Second Language Education (Face to Face)

Tues., July 3 - Sat., July 7, 9:00am - 4:00pm (Monday, July 2 is the Canada Day Holiday)

Course Description: This course will examine the theoretical constructs of universal design for learning (UDL) and second language learning. In particular, students will explore foundational principles related to inclusive second language teaching, learning and assessment. Instructor: Dr. Renée Bourgoin. LINK to detailed course description coming soon.

Fall 2018 & Winter 2019

ED 6103 Foundations of Bilingual and Multilingual Education (Fall 2018)

Course Description: This course will examine core issues related to bilingual and multilingual education including: theories of language development, cultural awareness and sensitivity, Global English, language death and genocide, language revitalization, language rights, language as a resource, identity, and empowerment. It will also explore strong and weak forms of bilingual and multilingual programming and assessment, including second and foreign language immersion. Instructor: Dr. Joe Dicks

ED 6110 Teaching and Learning in Multilingual Contexts (Winter 2019)

Course Description: This course would provide both theoretical and practical information related to the teaching of students learning English is an additional language (EAL). It will examine core principles and established practices related to the education of students of diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds in mainstream English schools.  Topics will include linguistic and cultural support, differentiated instruction within an inclusive learning context, cultural awareness and sensitivity. The course will also promote a balanced literacy approach that incorporates and values the learner’s first language in the acquisition of EAL. Instructor: Dr. Paula Kristmanson

Clientele: These courses would be of particular interest to those working in various second language contexts: French immersion, core French/intensive French, ESL, or English as an additional language (EAL). Courses will be conducted in English but assignments may be completed in English or in French.

These courses are open to students currently enrolled in the M.Ed at UNB and also to new students. Students who are not already accepted to the program may apply to take a course as a non-degree student. Please contact Laura Boone at laurab@unb.ca in the graduate office of the Faculty of Education at UNB for more information about registering as a non-degree student.

If you would like more information about ED 6103 Foundations of Bilingual and Multilingual Education, contact Dr. Joseph Dicks at jdicks@unb.ca. For more information about ED 6110 Teaching and Learning in Multilingual Contexts, contact Dr. Paula Kristmanson at pkristma@unb.ca.