Earth Sciences

GeologyFind the solution to poor quality of groundwater. Learn the causes and effects of natural hazards. Discover the origin and evolution of oceans and continents, of mountain ranges, valleys and canyons.

These are just a few of the things geologists get to experience in their work environment!

Earth Sciences is the natural science that deals with Earth, the interior make-up, and surficial features, its formative and destructive pro¬cesses, its age, history and development through time.

Learn all of this and more with UNB’s Earth Sciences' undergraduate program including opportunity for enrolment in first, second, and third year field courses.

Have a hands-on career

Careers in Earth Sciences offer opportunities for field and office work in many areas of the world with employment in the mineral industry, including exploration for oil, metals, and industrial minerals, in government surveys, in University teaching and research, and as independent consultants to the mining industry and engineering and environmental organizations.

Geologists also offer their expertise in corporations and legal firms.

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