General Science

General ScienceA stepping stone

Are you fascinated by the whole world—everything from biology to chemistry to physics—but you don't want to be limited to a just one area of study? Do you want a background in science that will lead into other professional programs? 

A General Science degree might be what you’re looking for!

The general science program offers a broader exposure to more sciences and has variety and flexibility; as a result, you will have a lot of say in how your course plan is designed.

A career in General Science

General Science can lead to virtually any job requiring a general science background. You can use this flexible major to become a scientific writer or teacher just as easily as you can use it as a stepping stone to medical school.  The percentage of our science graduates that get accepted into medical school is above average compared to all universities across Canada.

Looking to find out if you're eligible for entrance into the Faculty of Science? Check out our Admissions Requirements.