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Science Early Admission Program

The Faculty of Science at UNB Fredericton again plans to offer a unique opportunity for high-achieving students to enroll in the Bachelor of Science program upon completing Grade 11. This is pending final approval by the provincial Department of Education.

Admitted students will have full access to all UNB courses, facilities, and Science programs. Students, and will also be eligible for entrance scholarships at UNB.

Application requirements

Application deadline: Feb. 18, 2022

Conditional admission offers will be made upon receipt of first semester Grade 11 marks. Offers will then be confirmed (or potentially withdrawn) upon the receipt of final Grade 11 marks in June.

Applications must include:

  • First Semester Grade 11 transcript with the expectation of with exceptional grades in Science/Math subjects as well as ENGL 112 or higher. (minimum Grade 11 guideline of 95% average in Chemistry 112, Pre-Calculus 110, and one of Physics 112 or Biology 112, and a minimum 85% in English 112) will be considered for the program. (Please note that all required Grade 11 courses, or their equivalents, in English, Mathematics, Science, History and the Fine Arts/Life Role Development must be completed/in progress prior to applying to the SEAP. Grades of “CR” in Science/Math and English courses will not be accepted)
  • A short essay written by the student describing their background, interests and why they wish to apply for early admission (two-page maximum)
  • A reference letter from a teacher or guidance counsellor at the student’s high school
  • A non-refundable application fee of CAD $65 for Canadian residents or CAD $125 for international students

Applications will not be processed until all the required documentation listed above is received. Once the application has been accepted, an interview will be conducted to assess the student’s achievement, maturity, and suitability for the program.

Apply now

If you need any help completing the application form, contact us at