Arts and Science

Broaden your horizons

You’re interested in studying the human brain; both philosophically and biologically. You’re curious about causes of the World Wars but also how gun powder works. You want to learn math, but also want to learn how to write.

Having skills in both the arts and sciences will open up countless doors!

Life as a student in the arts and sciences

As a student in the arts and science degree program, you will develop the critical skills that are necessary to engage in innovative thinking and support a culture of lifelong learning. This is an ideal program if you have a strong interest in one of the sciences and in one of the arts disciplines.

You can complete your bachelor of arts and bachelor of science with our concurrent degree program within five years. In addition, our “Leonardo degree” lets you combine areas as diverse as biology and theatre in a four year BA and BS degree.

Learn more about the concurrent degree (five year option)

Learn more about the combined arts and science degree (four year option). 

Diversify your career options

Deciding to complete a dual-degree program will significantly enhance your future career opportunities. The value of a broad education is widely acknowledged by educators and business professionals, and by the many capable students who apply to the arts and science Program. This flexible and valuable program makes it an excellent pre-professional program to prepare for studies in dentistry, medicine, veterinary medicine, optometry and physiotherapy. It also prepares you well for law school.

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