Graduate Programs in Earth Sciences

Welcome to the Graduate website for the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of New Brunswick.

The Department of Earth Sciences offers graduate programs under the auspices of the School of Graduate Studies leading to the M.Sc. and the Ph.D. degrees in Earth Sciences.  Present departmental research areas include: applied glacial geology; applied geophysics and rock physics; aqueous geochemistry; hydrogeology; environmental geology; igneous and experimental petrology; mineral deposits geology; impact geology including shock induced phase transformations; palaeontology including neontology and ichnology; planetary geology; sedimentology and structural geology.  Graduate enrolment is typically between 20-30 graduate students, which facilitates close one-on-one interaction between student and supervisor.

The Department of Earth Sciences Graduate Student Handbook is a helpful go-to. 

Graduate students are accepted to work with specific professors, who provide funding for the research project from grants and/or research contracts.  Consequently, it is essential for the faculty to know the interests of prospective students in order to make acceptance decisions.  Thus, the Department of Earth Sciences requires a short (100-200 word) statement of each prospective student's research interests before an application package is completed.

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