UNB Science

UNB offers graduate programs in Biology; Chemistry; Earth Sciences; Physics and Mathematics & Statistics.  The Faculty of Science offers both Masters and PhD programs in all 5 academic units.

All graduate level programs pair students with faculty members in those fields to supervise their research-based theses.  Students work individually or in small groups with their supervisor/advisor, focusing on laboratory and field research offering a rich training ground for faculty to mentor student's individually.  We accept incoming students every September, January and May, no official deadlines for application, your start date will depend on a number of factors including your supervisors schedule; funding availability; necessity of a study permit; etc. 

We have approximately 150 graduate students, who in turn work with over 100 faculty; adjunct and HRA's.

Info for CURRENT Faculty of Science Graduate Students  /  Info for NEW Faculty of Science Graduate Students

Check out our departments grad pages for more information on their specific programs
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Heidi Stewart, will be your first point of contact for the Graduate Programs in the Faculty of Science.

She will maintain the student database and track student process throughout their graduate studies, communicate with the respective Directors of Graduate Studies, Supervisors, School of Graduate Studies, and students.  Heidi will facilitate the majority of administrative tasks including, but not limited to, completing funding forms and thesis proposals, and will also review on-line applications, PhD Qualifying/Comprehensive exams, and Thesis defense. 

Heidi is located in room 109 of the IUC/Physics/Admin Building. If you have any questions you can reach her at 458-7488 or email and extends a warm welcome to current and incoming graduate students.

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