2014 Colloquium

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 10 Alexander Adair (UNB)

Pre-Equalization of Motion-Sensitized Magnetic Field Gradient Waveforms

Jan. 17 Christopher Vail (UNB)

Observations of Gravity Waves over Eureka Nunavut using the All Sky Imager

Jan. 24 Racheal Athieno (UNB)

Empirical model in the characterization of High Frequency propagation in the Arctic region

Feb. 12 Anthony McCaffrey (UNB)

Receiver DCB estimation for Septentrio PolarXs Pro receivers in the high latitude region

Feb. 14 Uma Das (UNB)

Equatorial Atmospheric Kelvin Waves and their effects on the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation

Feb. 28 Chris Watson (UNB)

Observation of GPS total electron content variations associated with magnetic field line resonance activity in the early morning auroral ionosphere

Mar. 14 Ue-Li Pen (CITA, U of Toronto)

Possible Astrophysical Observables of Quantum Gravity Effects near Black Holes

Mar. 17 Paul Francois (McGill) CAP Lecture: Physics of Evolution
Mar. 21 Hong Guo (McGill) Device Physics From Atomistic First Principle
Mar. 28 Haiyan Gao (Duke) Proton remains puzzling
Apr. 4 Eddy Timmermans (Los Alamos)

Cold atoms: the physical similarity gateway to quantum-many body explorations

Apr. 11

Samuel Kristoffersen (UNB)

A Study of Wind, Temperature, and Gravity Waves in the Middle Atmosphere

Sept. 12 Ben Newling (UNB) Diffusion Measurements with Magnetic Resonance
Sept. 19 MacKenzie Stetzer (University of Maine)   The role of research in improving instruction: New insights from introductory physics and upper-division analog electronics
Sept. 26

Jon Hougen (NIST, USA)

Spin-rotation hyperfine splitting at moderate to high J values methanol

Oct. 3

Eugene Ho (IAMS, Taiwan)

Recent Development in Theoretical Methods and Computational Schemes for Investigation of Resonances in Few-Body Atomic Systems

Oct. 17

Fei Zhou (UBC)

Oct. 24

Wei Jiang (Argonne)

Oct. 31

Gianfranco Mazzanti (Dalhousie)

Nov. 14

Alex Buchel (Western U & Perimeter Institute)

Nov. 28

Paul Prikryl (Natural Resources Canada)