2015 Colloquia

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 9  Chris Watson (UNB) Statistics of GPS TEC Variations in the Polar Cap Ionosphere
Jan. 16 Sam Kristoffersen (UNB) A Study of Dynamics in the Middle Atmosphere
Jan. 23 Racheal Athieno (UNB) A Statistical Analysis of the Performance of High Frequency Propagation Prediction Models in the Arctic Region
Jan. 30 W.A. van Wijngaarden (York) Precision Laser Spectroscopy of Lithium
Feb. 6 Hichem Mezaoui (UNB) Characterization of the Ionospheric Scintillations at High Latitude Using GPS Signal
Feb. 13 Alex Adair (UNB) Gradient Waveform Correction to Motion-Sensitized SPRITE and its Application to Multiphase Flow Measurements
Feb. 20 David Themens (UNB) Towards the Development of the Canadian High Arctic Ionosphere Model (CHAIM): Challenges and Data Handling
Feb. 27 Razieh Enjilela (UNB) Unilateral Magnetic Resonance of Cement and Concrete Materials
Mar. 11

Masooma Ali (UNB)

Scott Goudreau (UNB)

Hanif Zarringhalam (UNB)

Casual Set Theory - A Quantum Theory of Gravity?

Intramolecular Proton Tunneling: Synchrotron Based Spectroscopy of Malonaldehyde

Laser Spectroscopy of Ruthenium Monofluoride

Mar. 13

Nicholas Caron (UNB)

High-resolution FTIR spectroscopy of C60 at the CLS synchrotron: Our first attempt at obtaining rotationally resolved spectra

Mar. 20

Pei-Gen Yan (UNB)

Long Range Interactions Among Three Atoms

Mar. 23

Ahmed Khiari (UNB)

Analysis of Neural Firing with the FitzHugh-Nagumo Model

Mar. 25

Pablo Bianucci (Concordia)

Tightly Squeezing Light in Small Places

Mar. 26

Charles Hannah (Institute of Ocean Science)

An overview of the oceanographic component of the World Class Tanker Safety Initiative

Mar. 27 Luigi Gallo (Saint Mary's) X-ray observation of active galactic nuclei
April 10 Kyle M. Bade (Spraying Systems Co.) Spray Analysis & Research at Spraying Systems Co... followed by the experience of University vs. Industrial Research
April 17 Simon Doran (Institute of Cancer Research) MR Imaging of Diffusion in Cancer Tissue
May 6 Sanjeev Seahra (UNB) Gravity
Sept. 17 Dennis Tokaryk (UNB) Far-infrared spectroscopy of NCNCS and its connection to quantum monodromy
Sept. 24 Bob Abraham (U of T) First Results from Dragonfly
Sept. 29  Jum Babb (Harvard-Smithsonian) Some applications of the dynamic polarizibilities of magnesium and of the neutron
Oct. 8 Li-Hong Xu (UNB) Exploring Molecular Complexity in the Age of ALMA
Oct. 15 Liyan Tang (Wuhan Institute) Accurate Calculations of Atomic Polarizibilities - Applications to Tune-out and Magic Wavelengths
Oct. 22 Eugene Ho (Inst. of Atomic and Molecular Sciences) The Hydrogen Negative Ion
Oct. 29 Jin Jun Liu (U. of Louisville) Rotational and Fine Structure of Free Radicals in Nearly Degenerate Electronic States
Nov. 5 Balaji Subramanian (U de Moncton/UNB) Novel layered photonic structures for applications in chromogenic devices
Nov. 12 Ben Newling (UNB) MRI Measurements and the Art of Compromise
Nov. 17 Viacheslav Pilipenko (Space Research Inst. & Ausburg College) Ultra-Low-Frequency waves in the magnetosphere, ionosphere, and on the ground
Nov. 26 Nathan Johnston (Mount Allison) The Separability Problem and its Variants in Entanglement Theory
Dec. 3 Viqar Husain (UNB Math) Time, Vacuum Energy, and the Cosmological Constant