Undergraduate Studies in Mathematics and Statistics

MathematicsThe mysteries of number theory, the geometry of curved spaces, areas with important applications in data security, computer design and cosmology. For ages, mathematicians have made invisible and unsung contributions to advancements in science and technology. These are just a few of the areas you can explore with UNB’s Mathematics and Statistics undergraduate program and courses.

Flexible Programs

Our department offers undergraduate Majors and Honours programs in Mathematics and Statistics that can be obtained through the Faculty of Science or Faculty of Arts.  Courses cover a wide range of pure, applied and interdisciplinary topics which are designed to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.  The BSc and BA degrees provide preparation for work in a variety of quantitative fields or graduate study in mathematics, statistics, or related disciplines.

We also offer opportunities to obtain interdisciplinary Mathematics and Statistics double Majors or Minors in Biology, Economics, Physics or Engineering.  The department also offers concentrations in Actuarial Science and Computational Mathematics for students majoring in other areas.

Diverse Courses

You don't have to be a Math or Stats major to take advantage of what our department has to offer.  There are math courses (beyond those required) that complement other degrees, especially Science, Engineering, and Computer Science.  Interested students are encouraged to consult with the Mathematics and Statistics department.

Research Opportunities

Several exceptional undergraduates work closely with faculty during the summer months, supported partially by competitive Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada undergraduate research fellowships.  This program provides an excellent and ongoing opportunity for students to study advanced topics and learn about research with one-on-one mentorship.