Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Biology

This is a rapidly growing and important area of applied mathematics that is concerned with the modelling and analysis of biological phenomenaResearch in Mathematical and theoretical biology at UNB focuses on a mechanistic understanding of epidemiology, ecology, and evolution, with a particular emphasis on applications of dynamical systems to ecological and human health, such as biological invasions, infectious diseases, agriculture and aquaculture.   The group includes faculty members in Mathematics and Statistics: Mohammad El Smaily, Mahin SalmaniLin Wang and James Watmough, along with several graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Current faculty research

The UNB Faculty of Science hosts two international Mathematical Biology research groups: the Mprime network for biological invasions and dispersal research and the AARMS Collaborative Research Group in Mathematical Ecology and Epidemiology.  Both Lin Wang and James Watmough are also affiliated with the Centre for Disease Modelling.