Mathematics and Statistics Outreach Activities

The Mathematics and Statistics department at UNB has a long and proud history of reaching out to the wider community to improve mathematics education and literacy in New Brunswick.  Our outreach activities encompass grade 7 students all the way up to high school mathematics teachers:

  • New Brunswick Mathematics Competition:  In cooperation with Faculty of Science and the School of Engineering of l'Université de Moncton, this competition is held in May every year for grade 7, 8 and 9 students from across the province.  While students are waiting for their papers to be graded, they are entertained by talks and demonstrations that tell them about various interesting applications of mathematics to the real world.
  • University of New Brunswick/Canadian Mathematical Society (UNB-CMS) camp: This camp is for Grade 10 and 11 students, starts on the same day (a Friday in May) as the annual NB Math Competition. The camp is by invitation with selection based, primarily, on performance in the NB Math Competition. Students work on math problems (some fun, some quite challenging), hear interesting talks about mathematics, get to know some UNB profs and live in residence for the weekend.  (See the CBC news story.)
  • Calculus Challenge Exam: This exam is held in early June every year and is open to students who are registered in or have completed a high school calculus course.  High scores earn students credit for MATH 1003: Introduction to Calculus 1.
  • Grade 12 Mathematics Examination Workshop Project: This workshop for high school teachers is usually held in March.  The purpose is to assist teachers in preparing province-wide final exams for high school precalculus courses (formerly MATH 120 and MATH 122).  Students scoring well on these exams are eligible for an exemption from UNB's Math Placement Test.
  • Math Competition Marking Workshop: This workshop for high school teachers is usually held on a Friday in April.  Teachers and UNB faculty work together to mark math competition papers prepared by the University of Waterloo for high school students across the country.