The Kenneth Ireland Memorial Lecture

Hosted by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Fredericton, the Kenneth Ireland Memorial Lecture Series honours the late Dr Kenneth F Ireland, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics. Dr Ireland is fondly remembered as a great colleague, a fine writer, and a skilled musician with a profound interest in the history of mathematics; his graduate-level textbook on number theory, written with Dr Michael Rosen at Brown University, remains an internationally highly-regarded standard text.

Lectures in the series

  • Sept. 2018: V. Kumar Murty, University of Toronto
  • March 2012: Mark Lewis, University of Alberta
  • March 2010: Abhay Ashtekar, Pennsylvania State University
  • March 2006: Noam Elkies, Harvard University
  • March 2004: Kenneth Ribet, University of California, Berkeley
  • April 2003: Michael Monastyrsky, University of Montreal
  • Nov. 1998: Efim Zelmanov, Yale University