Potential Supervisors

The UNB graduate academic unit (GAU) for Mathematics and Statistics includes faculty members from several departments from both the Fredericton and Saint John campuses, as well as adjunct professors from other universities.  Here is a list of faculty that may be available to supervise incoming graduate students.

UNB Faculty

Tim Alderson Saint John Combinatorics, finite geometries, coding and information theory contact

Andrea Burgess

Saint John Combinatorial design theory, graph theory contact

Branimir Cacic

Fredericton Noncommutative differential geometry contact

H E A (Eddy) Campbell

Fredericton Invariant theory, commutative algebra, algebraic geometry contact
Donglei Du Fredericton Operations research, combinatorial optimization contact
Mohammad El Smaily Fredericton Differential equations, Nonlinear Analysis, Dynamical systems contact
Jack D Gegenberg Fredericton General relativity, quantum field theory contact
M H Hamdan  Saint John Computational fluid dynamics, flow through porous media contact
M Tariq Hasan Fredericton Random effect models, correlated data with excessive zeros contact
Viqar Husain Fredericton General relativity, quantum gravity contact
Colin Ingalls Fredericton Noncommutative algebra, algebraic geometry contact
Dan Kucerovsky Fredericton Operator theory, geometric functional analysis contact
Renjun Ma Fredericton Generalized linear models, longitudinal & spatial data analysis contact
Rebecca McKay Saint John contact
Barry Monson Fredericton Discrete and classical geometry contact
Jeffrey D Picka Fredericton Spatial statistics, philosophy of science and inference contact
Bahram Rangipour Fredericton Noncommutative geometry contact
Alyssa Sankey Fredericton Association schemes, designs and codes contact
Sanjeev Seahra Fredericton General relativity, cosmology, quantum gravity  contact
Connie Stewart Saint John Compositional data analysis, managing essential zeros contact
Vladimir Tasic Fredericton Group theory, Lie algebras and Lie rings contact
Lin Wang Fredericton Mathematical biology, applied dynamical systems contact
James Watmough Fredericton Mathematical biology, mathematical ecology contact
Guohua Yan Fredericton Cluster analysis, mixture models, random effects models contact
Liwen Zou Saint John Computational biology and bioinformatics; Statistical modelling application contact

Adjunct Faculty

Hugh Thomas L'Université du Québec à Montréal Algebraic combinatorics, algebraic geometry

Honorary Research Associates

Joeseph Apaloo St. Francis Xavier University Evolutionary Game Theory, Applied Statistics contact
Yuming Chen Wilfrid Laurier University Dynamical Systems, Funtional Differential Equations, Mathematical Biology contact