Graduate Course Offerings

A selection of the following courses will be offered in any given year depending upon student enrolment. Reading courses may be taken for graduate credit subject to GAU approval. Mathematics and Statistics students may not take courses marked with an asterisk (*) for credit. All courses, unless otherwise noted, are for three credit hours (3ch).

Group A


MATH 6001. Real Analysis
MATH 6021. Group Representation Theory
MATH 6022. Group Theory
MATH 6032. Ring Theory
MATH 6053. Topics in Advanced Algebra II
MATH 6131. Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations
MATH 6132. Theory of Partial Differential Equations
MATH 6151. Advanced Topology
MATH 6201. Graph Theory
MATH 6222. Topics in Optimization
MATH 6231. Topics in Differential Equations
MATH 6321. Principles of Combinatorics
MATH 6331. Rational Mechanics
MATH 6332. Mathematical Theory of Relativity
MATH 6392. Seminar in Pure & Applied Mathematics (cr.)
MATH 6492. Advanced Seminar in Pure & Applied Mathematics (cr.)
MATH 6501. Advanced Topics in Mathematics I
MATH 6512. Advanced Topics in Mathematics II
MATH 6615. Linear Programming
MATH 6625. Network Flows
MATH 6635. Approximation Algorithms
MATH 6991. Reading Course
MATH 6992. Reading Course


STAT 6211. Mathematical Statistics
STAT 6212. Sample Survey Theory II
STAT 6221. Sequential Analysis
STAT 6222. Linear Models
STAT 6251. Stochastic Process II
STAT 6262. Stochastic Models in Reliability
STAT 6291. Statistical Inference
STAT 6372. Non-Parametric Statistics II
STAT 6392. Seminar in Statistics & Operations Research (cr.)
STAT 6402. Multivariate Statistical Analysis
STAT 6492. Advanced Seminar in Statistics (cr.)
STAT 6801. Advanced Topics in Statistics I
STAT 6812. Advanced Topics in Statistics II
STAT 6891. Reading Course
STAT 6892. Reading Course

Group B


MATH 6013. Topics in Complex Analysis
MATH 6023. Functional Analysis with Applications
MATH 6043. Topics in Advanced Algebra I
MATH 6102. Graph Theory & Programing
MATH 6103. Measure Theory
MATH 6142. Advanced Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH 6153. Topology
MATH 6313. Combinatorial Optimization
MATH 6363. Enumeration Theory
MATH 6413. Fluid Mechanics
MATH 6423. Mathematical Theory of Control
MATH 6433. Calculus of Variations
MATH 6443. Quantum Field Theory
MATH 6453. Special Functions
MATH 6463. Integral Equations
MATH 6473. Introduction to Differential Geometry
MATH 6483. Introduction to General Relativity
MATH 6503. Numerical Methods for Differential Equations
MATH 6633. Calculus Revisited*
MATH 6634. Fundamental Principles of School Mathematics*
MATH 6853. Mathematics of Financial Derivatives
MATH 6903. Independent Study in Mathematics


STAT 5293. Applied Statistics*
STAT 5473. Experimental Design & Data Analysis in Biology & Forestry*
STAT 6043. Sample Survey Theory I
STAT 6053. Regression Analysis
STAT 6073. Categorical Data Analysis
STAT 6083. Introduction to Multivariate Statistics
STAT 6323. Dynamic Programing
STAT 6333. Queueing Theory
STAT 6383. Stochastic Processes I
STAT 6433. Statistical Computing
STAT 6443. Time Series Analysis and Applications
STAT 6473. Experimental Design
STAT 6903. Independent Study in Statistics


MATH/STAT 6996. Master's Report (cr.)
MATH/STAT 6997. Master's Thesis (cr.)
MATH/STAT 6998. PhD Thesis (cr.)