Cliff Shaw (Professor)

Department Chair

Cliff Shaw HeadshotPhD and MSc University of Western Ontario
BSc University of London

Current Research Interests

I am interested in a wide variety of igneous processes.  My current focus is on the kinetics of reaction between silicate and oxide minerals and silicate melts, the petrology of the upper mantle in the Quaternary West Eifel volcanic region in Germany; the dynamics of magmatic systems and the synthesis and characterization of new high pressure minerals.

Equipment available:

  • Complex convection patterns in a quartz - basanite dissolution experiment. Electron microprobe element map showing the distribution of silica in the melt. The white circle is the dissolving quartz crystal. Note the complexity of the Si distribution in the melt due to forced convection (sinking quartz crystal) and density driven convection.2 piston cylinder presses (to 4 GPa and 2000 °C)
  • 1 atmosphere gas mixing oven (temperatures to 1600 °C and various oxygen fugacities)
  • Hydrothermal apparatus (to 0.3 GPa and 850°C)
  • Ultrahigh T furnace (to 1750°C)

Selected Publications

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