Chris McFarlane (Professor)

Chris McFarlane portraitPhD University of Texas at Austin
MSc University of Calgary
BSc University of Toronto

Current Research Interests

I am fascinated by the record of metamorphic, magmatic and metasomatic processes (including ore deposition) preserved by textural, chemical, geochronological, and isotopic variations in rocks and minerals.  These data are used to help reconstruct the dynamic evolution (including rates and timescales) of ancient geological events.  This research is supported by a variety of analytical techniques and experimental datasets.  

My research is divided into four main themes:

  1. Accessory mineral petrogenesis and isotopic robustness
  2. Integration of textural, chemical, and in-situ U-Pb geochronological datasets to reconstruct timescales and tempo of high-grade metamorphism
  3. Effects of metamorphism on the preservation of geochemical and isotopic signatures of pre-existing hydrothermal alteration and mineralization
  4. Examining grain-scale Sm-Nd and Rb-Sr isotope heterogeneity using LA-MC-ICPMS with applications to isotope tracer studies

This research is supported by a wide array of analytical facilities available within the department and in collaboration with other university facilities. Our laser-ablation quadrupole ICP-MS systems will be used in many of these projects.  Fundamental transmitted and reflected light microscopy and digital imaging is now supported by Zeiss Axiolmager.

Current Graduate and Undergraduate Student Research

Primary supervision
Travis McCarron (PhD): Trace-element and isotope systematics in garnet from prograde metamorphic terranes


Emily Palmer (MSc, Lentz/McFarlane): Geology, geochemistry, and geochronology of the Prosperous Lake pegmatite suite, NWT 

Nadieh Mohammadi (PhD, Lentz/McFarlane): Petrogenesis of Tin-Tungsten-Molybdenum Mineralized Intragranitic
Systems within the Highly Evolved Mount Douglas Polyphase Intrusive
Complex, Southwestern New Brunswick, Canada

Azam Soltani Dehnavi (PhD TGI-4, Lentz/McFarlane): Volatile trace-element signatures of massive sulphide deposits in the Bathurst Mining Camp, New Brunswick, Canada

Zeinab Azadbahkt (PhD TGI-4, Lentz/McFarlane): Magma Fertility and Mineralization Potential Based on Ferromagnesian Phase Compositions in Devonian Granites from New Brunswick, Canada

Recent graduates

2015 Wei Zhang (PhD, Lentz/McFarlane): Geology and Geochemistry of Porphyry deposit, Sisson Brook New Brunswick, Canada

2014 Emily Palmer (BSc Honours): Characterization of gold distribution in the Cantung W-skarn deposit, Northwest Territories

2014 Dennis Sanchez-Mora (MSC, Lentz/McFarlane): Geochemical composition, stratigraphy, structure, and U-Pb geochronology of the Williams Brook area, Tobique-Chaleur zone northern New Brunswick: implications for the geotectonic setting and gold mineralization

2014 Kristy-Lee Beal (MSc, Lentz/McFarlane): Geochronologic, petrographic, geochemical, and isotopic constraints on the uraniferous Lac Turgeon Intrusive Complex, Quebec

2013 Crystal Laflamme (PhD GEM program, with David Corrigan GSC): Geodynamic evolution of the Repulse Bay Block, Melville Peninsula Nunavut

2013 Michelle McKeough (MSc, Lentz/McFarlane): Geology and evolution of pegmatite-hosted U-Th ± REE-Y-Nb Mineralization, Kulyk, Eagle, and Karin Lakes region, Wollaston Domain, northern Saskatchewan, Canada

2013 Carlin Lentz (BSc Honours): Petrogenesis of auriferous polymetallic veins at Lake George, NB

2012 Joseph Zulu (PhD, Lentz/McFarlane): Structural, metamorphic, and lithogeochemistry of polydeformed volcanogenic massive sulfides in the Key Anancon Main and East Zones, New Brunswick, Canada

2012 Melissa Anderson (MSc, Lentz/McFarlane): A geological, geochemical and textural study of an LCT pegmatite: implications for the magmatic versus metasomatic origin of Nb–Ta mineralization in the Moose II pegmatite, Northwest Territories

2010 Sarah Gordon (BSc Honours): The Petrogenesis of Shoshonitic Lamprophyres from Southeast Mali, West Africa

2009 Karen Grey (BSc Honours): Gold mineralization at the Morila Mine, Mali, West Africa

LA-ICP-MS Facility

Selected Publications

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