Bruce Broster (Professor)

broster head shot

PhD University of Western Ontario
BSc University of Waterloo

Current Research Interests

My primary research interests are in the general area of applied geology and site investigation with application to exploration, engineering and environmental projects.  Glacial geology and engineering geology are my major background areas.  Currently I am researching buried valleys, saline intrusion, and the geological evolution of the Saint John River and Grand Lake.

Recent research activities have included: evaluation of geochemical content of urban soils; methods of wetland delineation and assessment; bathymetric research in the Bay of Fundy; studies of geoarchaeology and research on historical earthquakes and landslide events.

Many of my past graduate students (19 in total) have successfully completed research projects in the above mentioned areas as well as projects on: exploration in glacial terrain; engineering geology and glacial stratigraphy.  They have now moved on to work in consulting or government, teaching or further studies.

Selected Publications

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