UNB Earth Sciences Field Education

UNB Earth Sciences offers field schools and field training opportunities throughout its 4-year degree programs.

Courses offered as part of normal academic program

1st year field school (ESCI1703)

1 week. Introduction to field observations, traversing, sampling and mapping in the first week of May or before classes begin in the fall. 

2nd year field school (ESCI2703)

Principles of stratigraphy and geological mapping. Provides two weeks supervised training in field work and preparation of stratigraphic sections, geological maps, and cross sections. Field training is carried out in Fredericton and surrounding area; Saint Andrews NB; Joggins NS; Sackville NB; offered at end of winter term after exams. Prerequisites: ESCI 2131, ESCI 2211, ESCI 2321. 

joggins section 2703 acid drainage handlens moosehorn
Bay of Fundy
Acid drainage
St. George Batholith
Moosehorn intrusion
team mapping waweig unconformity mapping osisko logo

Team mapping, Bay of Fundy

Waweig section, St. Andrews

ESCI2703 is supported in part by Osisko Mining

3rd year field school (ESCI3703)

Principles of structural geology and geological mapping. Provides two weeks supervised training in field work and preparation of an independent structural map and report of a selected area. To be taken as part of the final year. Currently situated along the north-shore area of NB between Petit Rocher and Bathurst; offered in late August early September. Prerequisites: ESCI 2703, ESCI 3322, and either ESCI 3131 or permission of instructor(s).

3703 prep 3703 prep1 3703 petit rocher 3703 petit rocher jcw
Preparing the route
Regional geology context
Explaining 3D planar relationships
Bedding/cleavage demonstration
3703 volcaniclastics 3703 campfire 3703 sunset teck
Sediment or basalt?
Relaxing after a long day
Sunset on a successful 2017 course
ESCI 3703 is supported in part by Teck 

3rd year environmental field school (ESCI3713)

Applications of geological, geochemical, geophysical and hydrological methods to an environmental site investigation. Typically includes one week of field work followed by one week for the analysis of data and preparation of a comprehensive written report summarizing the field investigation, synthesizing results, drawing conclusions, and making recommendations. A cost will be associated with this course. Prerequisites: ESCI 2703, ESCI 3442, ESCI 3631.

Field activities for ESCI 3713 Geoenvironmental Field School ran from April 21 – 28th, at the Fire Road Mine site – a former coal mine near Minto in central New Brunswick. The presence of numerous monitoring wells and a water treatment operation contribute to a great experience for our students at this site. The weather was beautiful but the snowpack was more than knee deep when we started. Snowshoes were needed for the first time ever! By the end of the week, the snow was nearly gone. Students carried out piezometric (groundwater elevation) mapping, geochemical sampling of ground water and surface waters, resistivity and electromagnetic geophysical surveys, and stream gauging to understand the processes affecting water quality variations and the effectiveness of water treatment on site prior to discharge to the environment.

3713 sampling 3713 measuring 3713 resist 3713 resist meas
Measuring Fe content and pH in
artesian well
peristaltic flow-through cell to measure
pH, eH and dissolved O2
Mapping subsurface conductivity with
GPS-enabled EM31
Electrical resistivity imaging (ERI)
system connected to 48 electrodes
over a 188m line
3713 map 3713 acid 3713 susak 3713 happy
Vertical ER variations below 188m
line revealing zone of high conductivity
groundwater from oxidized pyrite
in waste rock fill
Measured dissolved O2 and pH
across mine site stream
Instructions on operation of the
wading rod and flow meter
Filtering stream water to remove
suspended solids prior to analysis
in the lab at UNB

Endowed field trips

Hale Trip

The Hale field trip for UNB senior undergraduate Earth Sciences and Geological Engineering students happens every other year. The 2018 trip to Greece was attended by 10 students and 2 professors, who worked their way by vans from Thessaloniki to Athens! #hale2018
see: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ESCIGEUNB/photos/?tab=album&album_id=219499781988243

McAllister/Silver Standard Trip

Course-related field trips