Organismal Biology

The ecology, behaviour, development, physiology and evolution of a variety of organisms are studied in both field and laboratory settings.


Dr. Alexa Alexander-Trusiak

Combined effects of multiple natural and anthropogenic gradients on aquatic community assembly, diversity, and resilience

Dr Myriam Barbeau

Coastal marine ecology; population and community ecology; invertebrate zoology; applied ecology (ecological modelling, restoration, and aquaculture)

Dr. Tillmann Benfey  Fish physiology and aquaculture.
Dr. Tony Diamond Evolutionary ecology of birds.
Dr. Mike Duffy Parasitology, Acquired Immunity, Epidemiology, Zoonotic Pathogens, Wildlife Diseases, Diagnostics Methods, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Invertebrate Zoology.
Graham Forbes Conservation biology and ecosystem management
Dr. Tommi Linnansaari Studies related to the movements, behaviour and survival of diadromous and resident fish and development of recovery actions and new assessment tools for large salmon rivers
Amy Parachnowitsch
Evolutionary ecology of plant-pollinator interactions
Dr. Steve Peake Fish exercise physiology, lake sturgeon ecology and aquaculture
Dr. Charles Sacobie                    

Fish Bioenergetics: specific dynamic action (cost of digesting food), respiratory quotient, digestibility of diets, excretion of nitrogenous wastes and microscopic anatomy of triploid salmonid digestive system

Dr. Gary Saunders

Evolution and traditional/molecular systematics of marine and freshwater Protista.