Cell and Molecular Biology

Fundamental molecular genetic and biochemical mechanisms in model organisms that include viruses, bacteria, zebrafish, fruitflies, unicellular and multicellular algae, and plants are part of our research endeavours in cell and molecular biology.

Research topics include experimental and computational investigations of gene and protein function and evolution, the regulation of gene expression, embryonic development, photosynthesis, plant-bacteria and host-parasite interactions, and the molecular basis of organelle biogenesis and the evolution of multicellularity.


Dr. Denise Clark Genetics of purine nucleotide biosynthesis in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster.
Dr. Bryan Crawford Basic Cell and Molecular Biology. Zoology. Cell-ECM interactions. Matrix Metalloproteinases.

Dr. Mike Duffy

Fish biology and river ecology

Dr. Dion Durnford

Chloroplast-nucleus signal transduction pathways; photosynthetic acclimation to environmental stress.
Dr. Janice Lawrence Microalgal ecology and algal virology
Dr. Shawn MacLellan Structure and function of bacterial sigma factors.
Dr. Aurora Nedelcu Evolution of complexity, sex and programmed cell death, organelle genomes; green algae.
Dr. Cheryl Patten Biochemical and genetic characterization of beneficial plant-bacterial interactions.

Dr. Adrian Reyes-Prieto

Endosymbiosis and origins of photosynthetic organelles (plastids); evolution and diversity of photosynthetic eukaryotes.