Faculty and staff


Jason Addison Population genetics and speciation in marine and freshwater invertebrates contact
Alexa Alexander-Trusiak Combined effects of multiple natural and anthropogenic gradients on aquatic community assembly, diversity, and resilience contact
Donald Baird Aquatic Ecology, focuses on the study of how environmental stressors interact to pose a threat to the biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems contact
Myriam Barbeau

Coastal marine ecology; population and community ecology; invertebrate zoology; applied ecology (ecological modelling, restoration, and aquaculture).

Katherine Barclay Control of myocardial blood flow and the effects on the circulatory system of changes in cardiovascular properties through disease or drugs. contact
Tillmann Benfey Fish physiology and aquaculture contact
Denise Clark Functional analysis of RNA-based gene duplications; Regulation and role of purine nucleotide synthesis genes in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster contact
Bryan Crawford Basic Cell and Molecular Biology.  Zoology.  Cell-ECM interactions.  Matrix Metalloproteinases contact
Rick Cunjak Fish biology and river ecology contact
Allen Curry Fish Ecology and population dynamics contact
Les Cwynar Arctic-boreal plant ecology and paleoecology contact
Tony Diamond Evolutionary ecology of birds contact
Andy Didyk Taxonomy and ecology of parasitic helminths and ectoparasites contact
Mike Duffy Parasitology, Acquired Immunity, Epidemiology, Zoonotic Pathogens, Wildlife Diseases, Diagnostics Methods, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Invertebrate Zoology. contact
Dion Durnford Chloroplast-nucleus signal transduction pathways; photosynthetic acclimation to environmental stress contact
Graham Forbes Conservation biology and ecosystem management contact
Stephen Heard Evolutionary and community ecology; ecological controls on biodiversity


Brian Hayden Stable Isotope Ecology, Aquatic Ecology, Fish Biology contact
Janice Lawrence Microalgal ecology and algal virology contact
Tommi Linnansaari Studies related to the movements, behaviour and survival of diadromous and resident fish and development of recovery actions and new assessment tools for large salmon rivers contact
Shawn MacLellan Regulation of Gene Expression in Bacteria contact
René Malenfant Population genetics, quantitative genetics, conservation genetics, phylogenetics, and bioinformatics contact
Charlene Mayes Molecular Phylogenetics within the Brown Algae (specifically, of the kelp family, Laminariaceae) contact
Kelly Miles

Forensic taphonomy, estimations of PMI (post-mortem interval), physical and chemical post-mortem changes, human anatomy and histology, anatomical and funeral embalming methods, dissection techniques, and plastination

Aurora Nedelcu Evolution of complexity, multicellularity, cell differentiation; evolution of altruism, sex and programmed cell death; evolution and cancer; organelle genomes; green algae contact
Amy Parachnowitsch Evolutionary ecology of plant-pollinator interactions contact
Cheryl Patten Biochemical and genetic characterization of beneficial plant-bacterial interactions contact
Steve Peake Fish exercise physiology, lake sturgeon ecology and aquaculture contact
Drew Rendall Structure, function and evolution of communication systems and particularly interested in understanding the evolution of song complexity in birds and the underlying proximate mechanisms that support their production contact
Adrian Reyes-Prieto Endosymbiosis and origins of photosynthetic organelles; evolution and diversity of photosynthetic eukaryotes contact
Charles Sacobie

Fish Bioenergetics: specific dynamic action (cost of digesting food), respiratory quotient, digestibility of diets, excretion of nitrogenous wastes and microscopic anatomy of triploid salmonid digestive system

Gary Saunders Evolution and traditional/molecular systematics of marine and freshwater Protista contact
Lisa Sharp

Molecular aspects of human biochemical diseases, protein expression in the yeast Pichia pastoris


Technical support

Heather Burke Animal Physiology Technician, Radiation Safety Officer
Travis Clarke First Year Lab Technician
Sophia Dick Microbiology Technician
Krista Latimer Aquatic Technician
Matthew Methven Greenhouse/Botany Technician, Facilities Manager
Tanya Moore Research Technician
Christine Wile Molecular Biology Technician

Administrative staff

Jenn Meade Office Administrator/Assistant to the Chair
Marni Turnbull Financial Coordinator
Margaret Blacquier Administrative Assistant
Heidi Stewart Graduate Studies Coordinator