Extending Your Stay  

Near the end of the fall term you will receive a “Closing Notice” in your mailbox. The notice will specify when you must leave residence for the Christmas Break (within 24 hours after completing your last exam). 

If you need to stay a bit longer due to course commitments or flight arrangements, you must submit the End of Term Extension/Holiday Residence Application to the Residence Life Coordinator no later than November 15th for the Fall term and March 15th for the Winter term.

If you need to stay in residence during the entire Christmas Break, you must apply at the Residence Office Front Desk. Students granted permission to remain in residence must move to another room for the duration of the holiday and will pay a $30/day up to $300 Holiday Residence Fee.

Please note that the UNB Residential Life office only has access to the exam schedule for UNB undergraduate students. All other residents (Education, Law, STU, NBCC, NBCCD students) will receive a letter that specifies the date of their last exam as the last date of classes. To ensure we are aware of your extended stay needs, please complete this online reservation form.

We accept all extended stay requests when they are required for academic purposes.