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Become a proctor

We are looking for current University of New Brunswick (UNB), Fredericton campus students who love our residence community and want to have a positive impact. If this sounds like you, please consider joining our team!

Join our team

As a proctor, you will be a leader in the residence community, contributing to a supportive and positive living environment for students living in your house. Proctors are an integral part of our Residence Life Team and have an important role in helping UNB Fredericton Student Services foster its vision, mission and values of offering every UNB (Fredericton) student the opportunity for a transformative university experience.

Have questions? Contact our Residence Life Team for more information.

What our proctors are saying

“I really like getting to know my students! I love meeting people and every year brings a new batch of friends and peers to connect with. Giving support to people is something that I love to do, so being a Proctor is very natural to me.” – Emily Wilson
“I ran a program ahead of December exams where students could gather in the lounge and build their own ‘self-care package’ for the coming weeks. The whole house piled into the lounge to build their packages, we had music blasting and fun coloured pancakes popping of the stove left and right. The whole evening was a bit crazy if I'm being honest, but I could genuinely see people forgetting about their exams and just engaging with their friends- such a rare occurrence this time of year. I loved having the opportunity to share in the fun with so many of the residents, and create an atmosphere that I would've loved in my first year.” – Sydney Rankin 
“I hope to work in the mental health field.  Proctoring allows me to explore a subject that I care about through promoting healthy self-care practices, awareness and support.” – Olivia Hamilton

Role and responsibilities

Residence Proctors are student staff members of the Residence Life Team.  The primary role of the Residence Life Proctor is to provide frontline support to residents of their assigned area, with a focus on providing a safe and positive environment, meeting residents' individual needs, and building a sense of community.  Residence Proctor's support role is extended to the broader residence community through their participation in the Residence Community on Call program. 

Residence Proctors receive role-specific training to assist with their goal of enhancing the overall experience of their residents. The Residence Proctor's focus is on facilitating the development of the students in their assigned area, both individually through personal interaction, referrals and mentoring and collectively through programming.  Residence Proctors are the primary support for issues related to their assigned area and work closely with other leaders in their community on conduct, initial crisis intervention and administrative tasks.  Proctors are required to be regularly available to community residents for the duration fo their contract period.

Professional development

All proctors receive role-specific training before students move in to residence. This includes conflict resolution training, event planning and crisis response. We also provide on-going leadership training and professional development opportunities to all of our proctors throughout the year.

As a proctor, you will have the opportunity to develop your skills and receive continued training in the following areas:

  • communication
  • crisis response
  • conflict management
  • team building
  • active listening
  • on-going training opportunities
  • connection to campus resources

Positions available