Mira Bachvarova

Mira BachvarovaContact Information

Mira Bachvarova
Instructor (full-time)

Office Phone: (506) 458-7019
E-mail: mbachvar

BA (Trent University), MA (Carleton University), PhD (Queen’s University, Canada)

Research interests:
• Ethics and public policy (citizenship; multiculturalism; ethics of migration; gender and public policy; territorial rights)
• Contemporary political theory (legitimacy; non-domination; personal autonomy; theories of justice; democratic theory)

RC Courses:
RCLP 1062 Citizenship and Community
RCLP 2014 Democracy and Public Policy in Canada
RCLP 2020 Formative Learning Portfolio II
RCLP 3015 Democracy and Global Policy
RCLP 3053 Gender and Leadership

Academic publications:

Bachvarova, M. (2018). "Self-determination, Non-domination and Constraints on Territorial Rights", Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, DOI: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/13698230.2018.1430103 

Bachvarova, M. “Multicultural Accommodation and Non-domination” Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, Volume 17, Issue 6, 2014.

Bachvarova, M. and Moore, M. “Territorial Pluralism: A Conceptual and Normative Analysis” in Territorial Pluralism: Managing Difference in Multinational States, Karlo Basta, John McGarry, and Richard Simeon eds., UBC Press, 2014.

Bachvarova, M. “Non-domination’s Role in the Theorizing of Global Justice” Journal of Global Ethics, Volume 9, Issue No.2, 2013.