We want your student leaders

If you have a student who you think has demonstrated leadership potential in some way please let them know about our program.

Admission requirements

Student with poster

High School

Applicants must meet admission requirements as specified in the chart of First Year Required Academic Subjects and accompanying notes found Here.

Transfer Students

Normally, a minimum assessment grade point average of 3.0 (or equivalent) is required for a student to be considered for transfer to Renaissance College.

All applicants must also submit to the Admissions Office a resume  with a cover letter which clearly and concisely outlines the applicant's educational and career goals, volunteer activities, prior learning experiences, diversity of background, and skills (such as but not limited to: artistic, musical, athletic, cultural, linguistic), and leadership experience. Typically, this information can be communicated well in two or three pages. No specific forms or formats are required.

Program features

  • Courses feature experiential and active learning (seminars, service learning, community projects, independent studies, internships)

  • Leadership theory and skills development for a diversity of situations

  • Strong focus on development of practical skills and abilities as well as academics

  • Interdisciplinary learning in the social sciences, natural sciences and humanities

  • Access to a wide selection of elective courses and minor concentrations, providing students with the opportunity for depth in a very wide range of disciplinary or professional areas

  • Activities and opportunities to enhance the student’s physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social aspects of personal well-being

  • Two leadership-focused, internship placements:
    • The first placement is with a Canadian organization tailored to the student’s goals and interests
    •  The second placement is an international internship designed to foster cross-cultural understanding and familiarity with global issues
    • Bursaries are available for students in financial need. (international internship)
    • Community-based resource people share their special expertise and will help to situate learning in a practical context
  • A limited enrollment of 30 students per year, with an unrivaled faculty-to-student ratio
  • Supportive learning environment and strong collegiate community
  • Award winning teaching team
  • Student engagement (NSSE scores) higher than top 10% of North American schools

Opportunities beyond the degree

Our graduates are exceptionally prepared for the wide variety of career and life opportunities they will encounter.

Many of our graduates have continued their studies in areas such as:

  • Law (UNB, Osgoode Hall, Dalhousie, Ottawa)
  • M.Ed (Harvard, UNB. U of T)
  • MBA (Harvard, Dalhousie)
  • Journalism (Kings)
  • Medicine (Dalhousie, Memorial, McMaster)
  • Science and Arts (London School of Economics)
  • Public Policy (UNB, Ottawa, Simon Fraser)
  • M. Leadership Studies (Royal Roads)
  • M. Econ (Carleton)
  • M. Environmental Studies (York)
  • M. Ethics (Norway/Sweden)
  • M. International Humanitarian Action (Sweden)
  • M. Public Admin (Victoria)
  • M. Sc in International Health Policy (London School of Economics)

Others have sought to move directly into the work force and are employed with governmental agencies, universities, research firms, the private sector (McKinsey, Deloitte, Jacques-Whitford) and the non-profit sector.