Laura Keating

Since finishing Renaissance College Laura has concentrated on her writing, creating new short stories for national writing contests, poetry for literary journals, and two novels (one for adults one for children).

Laura has just returned home to Canada (via "the long way", across China, many countries in Central Asia and many more in Europe) from Japan where she was working for two years in the southern prefecture of Kagoshima. Laura has remained in contact with her Japanese friends and hopefully will return there soon for a visit.

She remains intensely interested in politics and social injustice and hopes to tackle the subjects and help to inform the greater public about world events through her first love, literature, utilizing both fictional and non-fictional means.
At Renaissance College, Laura was able to gain a greater awareness of self, and in such a way that allows her to step away from herself and view the world objectively, analytically, and creatively.

She gained confidence, and leadership skills which have been invaluable in finding work, establishing networks, self-motivation, and which have helped to established a network of colleagues and friends with whom she feels a close connection.