Christine Legault

Christine LegaultDuring high school, Christine was torn with what to take at university. 

She had such a diverse range of interests that she found it difficult to choose just one specific program.  Luckily she found Renaissance College, which provided the combination of adventure and academics she was looking for.

Throughout her three years at Renaissance College, Christine was encouraged to discover a deeper sense of herself.  She was able to take a wide range of courses including environmental studies, political science, anthropology, business, multimedia and most importantly she was able to take an independent study in visual art. 

This independent study allowed her to develop her artistic skills alongside her course material. 

Since graduating in 2006, Christine has continued to grow in her strengths and is currently enrolled at the school of architecture at Dalhousie University. 

She hopes to eventually be able to improve the lives of people in society through thoughtful, regionally connected design.