Brent MacDonald

Brent is a Climate Change and Sustainability Services Consultant at Jacques Whitford, a large North American environmental consulting firm founded in Atlantic Canada.

He plays an instrumental role as an advisor and contributor to the strategic development of a variety of service offerings in these business lines. This involves leading and participating in the development and application of a variety of unique energy and greenhouse gas emissions measurement, management and planning tools for the industrial, service, municipal, and telecommunications sector.

Additionally, it involves working with clients to  apply unique planning, management and reporting approaches and processes to integrate sustainability into the operations of private and public sector organizations. 

Brent is also intimately involved in the organizations National Sustainability Initiative, an effort to transform the firm to become an exemplary model of sustainability in their industry.  He continues to lead a project team completing a comprehensive GHG emissions inventory, reduction and management plan for the company, to be registered with the Climate Registry.

As a result of his work, he's been invited to and delivered lectures on a variety of sustainability issues at five Atlantic Canadian events in 2008.