Andrew MacLean

Andrew MacLeanThe unique blend of academic education and real-world experience that Andrew gained at Renaissance College created a desire to improve lives.

Through the public policy case studies and reviews completed in class, he realized that he wanted to go further with his educational line of choice, which was health policy.

Andrew applied and was accepted to study a MSc in International Health Policy at the London School of Economics in the UK, which was a phenomenal experience.

Returning home, he landed a position in Canada's leading independent healthcare consultancy in Toronto, Ontario. Working on projects related to complex IT project management, capital infrastructure planning, university research and chronic disease management, he quickly gained exposure to a number of 'careers', not unlike the breadth of learning found at RC. From there, he moved to the Ontario Medical Association first in developing health policy and then moved on to manage a professional team developing physician leadership, building stakeholder partnerships, and communicating with doctors across the province. Starting in leadership at RC and coming full circle to develop it in others has been incredibly rewarding for him.

In his working life, Andrew continues to apply the critical thinking and analytical skills gained at RC, and he works in a "system thinking" context with real-world impact - just like the Renaissance environment.