Education, the way it was meant to be

The degree Renaissance College graduates hold is called a Bachelor of Philosophy in the old Oxford-Cambridge tradition. Renaissance College brings this old tradition to the modern era with the addition of the focus on leadership. The mentorship and discussion-based model of learning from the Oxford-Cambridge tradition remains, but practical aspects have been added to satisfy the requirements of today's leaders. Work with community organizations, a national and an international internship all blend with a tightly-knit college community where professors are known by their first name and extra-curricular discussions between professors, students and staff on the topics of the day are common. 

Yearly intake is capped at 30 students to promote discussion in and outside of class and to ensure that the mentorship model is maintained. Professors welcome office visits and the college operates on an open-door policy. 

Learning and Teaching Style

Renaissance College - Discussion circleThe B.Phil program courses are typically conducted with seminar style classes that promote discussion and interaction. Courses also feature experential learning components to build real skills. Each course has multiple specific learning outcomes beyond specific course content. The courses include: Leadership Foundations, Effective Citizenship, Natural Science Technology and Society, Mathematical and Economic Approaches to Problem-Solving, World Views Cultures and Religions, Concepts of Well-Being, Integrative Forum, Public Policy Forum I & II, Practicing Leadership in Community, Practicing Leadership in Cross-Cultural Context, Images and Insight,  Community Problem-solving, Change Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship, Directed Studies in Leadership, Summative Learning Portfolio I, II, III.