Graduate with opportunities

Renaissance College GraduateGraduates of our program are becoming successfully engaged in a very wide range of careers.

Our philosophy is to help our students become leaders in whatever careers or endeavours they choose.

We know that graduates will have many life goals and multiple career paths in their lifetime. Our degree program is designed to allow our graduates to carry their leadership skills across occupational and disciplinary boundaries and take advantage of opportunities when they arise, and to achieve new goals. 

Many employers are now recognizing and seeking the valuable skills and abilities our students have acquired during their education. They know our students are better prepared to work effectively in teams, take leadership roles, be critical thinkers and be excellent problem-solvers in their organisations.

Renaissance College graduates have embarked on an amazing variety of post-graduate activities and career paths. A high percentage of our graduates have pursued post-graduate studies in a wide range of disciplines, including education,  public policy, leadership studies, environmental studies,  business administration, public administration, environmental law, economics, fine arts, film, biology, anthropology, international health policy, social work, international humanitarian action, ethics, and political science.

Many others have entered into prestigious professional programs in medicine, law, business administration, public administration and journalism. Other students have gone directly into the workforce as consultants, civil servants, NGO (non-government organization) employees and researchers.

Renaissance College strives to help students become life-long self learners and leaders in whatever career choices they make. Our degree is meant to create opportunities and help you to reach your life goals. 

See the range of things Renaissance College alumni are doing with their degree.


Alison Eustace Andrew MacLean Anna Keefe Brent MacDonald Caitlyn Cooper
Chris Ryan Christine Legault Emily Brown Evelyn Ward Jason Goldlist
Jocelyn Ball Sarah King Katherine Bramble Kelly Farish Laura Keating
Laura White Leah Campbell Lee Webb Matthew Thompson Melanie Henry