Core values

Renaissance College values the following:

Active, holistic, and interdisciplinary learning culture

Renaissance College studentsWe practice experiential, outcome-based learning, in an interdisciplinary setting. 

We value holistic and integrated learning which engages learners in all their capabilities to find and process information and gain knowledge, and grows the whole person.

Experiential learning is the application and interpretation of lessons learned in concrete activity to the academic realm and the subsequent expansion of these ideas, incorporating them into one’s own worldview.

We value the diversity of experiences, values, and talents of our community as a rich resource for personal growth.


We are committed to enriching people’s leadership capabilities intentionally through the study, practice, and demonstration of leadership in all aspects of society and in a variety of cultures. 

Renaissance College inspires its students and faculty to explore leadership opportunities within and outside the Renaissance College community.


We feel a sense of responsibility for building a just, good, and civil society, at all levels. 

We commit to engaging in local, national, and global communities through critical thought, inclusive dialogue, and direct action. Through community events and social interaction we forge meaningful interpersonal relationships.

These relationships create a support network that guides students through their academic and experiential endeavours.

Mindful openness

We believe in a continuously developing consciousness of self, others, and environment.

We recognize the role of big ideas in the decisions and phenomena of everyday life.

We are intellectual explorers, seeking out new ideas while engaging in critical analysis of them.


We seek high achievement in all we do. We understand that it is through diligently striving to do our best that we achieve personal and community growth.

Therefore, we commit to continuously challenging each other to seek the highest standards of teaching, learning, leadership, and citizenship.


We strive to live by our community values and model the college’s learning outcomes in our academic and co-curricular work.

We will iteratively evaluate these values and our actions, to bring them into ever closer agreement.

The purpose of Renaissance College

Based on the core values of the college, the following are the main reasons for the existence of Renaissance College:

  1. Our primary purpose is to nurture and develop leadership potential and engaged citizenship through the liberal education of our students.
  2. We are a learning community focused on experimenting with and modeling highly effective, innovative teaching and learning practices; citizenship; and leadership.
  3. We improve post-secondary education by engaging in the scholarship of teaching and learning.