A symbol of our community

Renaissance College Ring

Our community is unique and is one we are proud to be a part of. It is laced with shared experiences and strong friendships. From first-year camping trips to international internship presentations and from the introduction to learning outcomes to third year portfolio presentations of how they were manifested in each of our learning of leadership and of ourselves; these are just a few moments that connect us. 

One way to remind us of our experience and to sustain our connection with each other and with the college is with a ring. RC Rings are symbols our community. They serve as tangible reminders of the memories shared from our time at UNB, and as a way to identify other members of our broad and ever-growing community and network. 

College rings serve as symbols for many communities. Renaissance College adopted this tradition in 2010 during its celebration of ten years as as a faculty, and encourages it’s community members to participate.

Renaissance College community members (alumni, students, faculty, and staff) are all over the world and, as could have been predicted, have careers in a variety of fields. With over two hundred alumni, you never know where these rings might end up, and where you might see them.

Style: Shaughnessy 

Male Female
Lustrium $258 $242
Silver Elite $367 $318
Solaris $379 $326
10k Gold $510 $441
14k Gold $637 $555
Style Code: G5545-AUZ M5545-AUZ
Rings can be ordered directly from the UNB Bookstore, Fredericton. Call (506) 453-4664.

Jostens' Warranty
Free resizing, cleaning, refinishing, exchange if your graduation year or degree changes. RING PROTECTION PLAN: 4 year protection against loss or theft. A replacement fee applies, for more details visit www.jostens.com