Enrolment Verification

Confirmation of enrolment letters are available by visiting the Registrar's Office at Sir Howard Douglas Hall, Room 201, or by emailing registrar@unb.ca from your UNB email account.  Please provide your name and UNB student number. Due to the volume of letters requested, faxing is not available. There is a $15.00 fee for Enrolment/Graduation verification for non-education purposes.
Confirmation of enrolment Schedule 2 Forms for student loan purposes, are available at Financial Services.Definition of Full-time and Part-time Student (for assessment purposes)

UNB is now processing all Trust Plan requests electronically.
To process an educational trust form UNB requires you to email
registrar@unb.ca or visit the Registrar's Office with the following information:
Student name, UNB Id, Educational Plan number, and mailing address.
To process this request the student is required to be registered in both
Fall & Winter Terms for a minimum of 18 credit hours combined.
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