Enrolment Verification


Please visit your Student Eservice under your Academic Tab to receive your standard self-serve confirmation of enrollment letter. These letters can be provided to Educational Trust funds as well! Once a few easy steps are completed this will download to your desktop, phone or tablet. Please note that letters are produced on a per term basis and you will now need to produce separate letters for Fall, Winter or Summer Terms. If you need your letter to contain additional information you also have the option to order a custom confirmation of enrollment letter too (see details below).

Standard Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) Letters: A standard letter contains basic information on your Full or Part time status, degree program and credit hours. Letters are produced on a per term basis.  A Standard Letter is required for Educational Trust Funds. Visit your Student Eservices under your Academic Tab to receive your standard self-serve confirmation of enrollment letter

Special Customized Letters: A special customized letter can contain additional information beyond what is provided in the standard letter. For example: expected date of degree completion, remaining credit hour requirements for graduation, details on online delivered courses, Visa Study Permit letters etc. These specialized letter requests will be sent to the Registrar’s Office or School of Graduate Study depending on your program of study. The custom confirmation of enrollment letters are subject to an administration processing fee of $15. Payment must accompany the request at the time of order. You will receive information by e-mail after your order on how to proceed if you request a custom letter.

EDUCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP TRUST FUNDS: Access your self serve letter online through your Student E-services-Academic Tab
To process this request for Educational trust funds specifically, the student is required to be registered in both Fall & Winter Terms for a minimum of 18 credit hours combined.

Questions can be emailed to registrar@unb.ca