Why UNB Fredericton?

From a proud UNB parent:

I have five children and between their undergraduate and post-graduate degrees, I have become familiar with the policies of many universities. My other children have attended various universities in Nova Scotia and Ontario. Of all these, I have been most impressed by the University of New Brunswick.

From the first moment she visited your campus, Stacy was made to feel welcomed and at home. From the meetings for students and parents before she even started her studies, to the student mentor program during her first year, to the invitations to attend award ceremonies each year in October, I found UNB to be the most student-centered of all the universities my children attended.

Thank you very much for all the pleasant surprises and for giving my youngest daughter an excellent education in a caring and friendly environment.

Nancy Sampson
Nova Scotia, Canada

Career-related Opportunities

Students have access to over 75 programs and plenty of opportunity to gather career-related experience.

Many of the students who take advantage of our co-op programs graduate debt free. Others find full-time employment through their co-op placement. From paid internships to travel and study abroad, UNB offers a world of opportunity.

Friendly and Welcoming

Parents are concerned about their child’s well being — at any age! UNB is well known for its friendly, supportive environment.

Professors know their students’ names — the student-faculty ratio is 16:1 — and the small classes make it easy to meet new friends.

Student Affairs & Services at UNB Fredericton is staffed with warm and welcoming professionals who can help your student access tutors, career counseling, financial and employment services, and personal support.

Safe Campus & Community

UNB Fredericton is a close-knit community. The campus is self-contained and monitored by security services. A short walk from campus, Fredericton offers theatres, bookstores, a weekly farmers market, and all the services your student will need. It’s safe and student friendly!

Competitive Tuition

UNB is very competitively priced when compared to other universities. We also award more than $9 million in scholarships annually – ranging from $500 to $80,000.