New Students

As a UNB student, you have the opportunity to join any of UNB’s student teams, clubs, societies or organizations. Although welcoming practices can help you become part of a group, they can also constitute hazing.

Hazing takes many forms, but it usually involves risk to one’s physical health or mental distress through humiliating, intimidating, or demeaning treatment. It often involves drinking alcohol, sometimes in excessive amounts.

Hazing can have a serious and long-lasting effect on one's physical and emotional health.  It’s important that you understand the risks, learn how to protect yourself, and know that you can help stop hazing.

What You Should Know

UNB does not tolerate hazing: Violation of UNB’s policy on Hazing can lead to a formal investigation, charges under the SDC, and possible suspension or expulsion.

You can help stop hazing: If you become aware of hazing, you can make a confidential or anonymous report to University officials. If you have been hazed, you can help break the cycle by refusing to participate in the hazing activities with the next group of new members. It takes strength and courage to challenge hazing but you can make a difference.