Mobile Apps

Note: we cannot determine the quality of every app listed as we have not downloaded/used all of them; download apps only after you have conducted sufficient research.


  • Black’s Law Dictionary (app that is available for purchase; costs range from $55 to $60. Available for Apple products, Androids, and Windows phones)
  • The Law Guide (free app has a dictionary, US law guides, and more. Is available for Apple and Android products)

Law Articles

  • HeinOnline (app that allows one to search HeinOnline. Available for Apple products. Please note: at UNB, we use IP authentication that allows students to access HeinOnline. In order to IP authenticate using this app, you must be on campus. After you IP authenticate via the app, your authentication will expire in 30 days. Therefore, after 30 days you must return to campus to IP authenticate the app again)

Canadian Law and Law Databases 

  • Ontario Reports (from the Law Society of Upper Canada through LexisNexis Canada. This free app is available for Apple products)
  • WiseLII (free app that provides access to legislation, case law, and other legal information available on CanLII. While developed with CanLII’s permission, it is not affiliated with CanLII. Available for Apple products).


  • Dropbox (free app. Available for Apple products, Android, Blackberries, and Kindle Fire)
  • TWEN (TWEN does not have an actual app, but does have a mobile version of its website. This is only available to UNB law students and faculty who have an id and password)
  • Non Law Apps (list of academic apps made available by the UNBF and UNBSJ libraries)